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About CAPS

The conference on Complexity-Based Analytics and Policies for Social Good (CAPS) is focused on analytics, complexity, policy, and social good. It is organized by the Journal for Policy and Complex Systems (JPCS), issued by the Policy Studies Organization (PSO). The best papers will be published in special issues of the journal.

Complexity-based, analytics-driven papers on any aspect of social good are encouraged, although other types of data-driven policy models will be evaluated as well. The application focus of the paper must be on some aspect of what is generally described as social good, including, but not limited to, economic mobility, healthcare, education, justice, and poverty.

The intent of the conference organizers is to create a network of researchers, educators, and practitioners who will jointly work on creating a repository of data, models, policies, and best practices that will allow researchers, policy makers, community leaders, and companies to (a) uncover a set of actionable interventions, (b) evaluate the expected utility of these interventions, and (c) understand the level of needed investment to make these interventions successful.